Throughout its 10 years, Paiol has become a point of reference for those looking for Brazilian handcrafted objects representative of the most important traditions of each region of the country. Consecrated masters, new artists, and productions of indigenous tribes from the four corners of Brazil occupy its shelves side by side, forming a small showcase of what is most interesting in Brazilian folk art.

The curatorial work carried out in our stores, together with the respect for each artisan’s history and form of production, and the effort to make this production known outside its place of origin, are closely connected to Paiol’s desire to surpass its role as a mere point of sale of handicraft products. We also wish to contribute to the broader purpose of providing enough support and dissemination in favor of the sustainability of artisanal production in Brazil.


Paiol’s mission is to create a sustainable network for the purchase and sale of Brazilian craftsmanship that aligns both the respect for the artisan and his typical way of production, and the quality and diversity of works that appeal to multiple publics, thus supporting the perpetuation of the various axes that make up the artisanal activity in the country. By valuing the productions of great masters side by side with that of lesser known producers of many regions, Paiol wishes to connect those who visit its stores not only to products, but also to the past and present history of popular art in Brazil.


Through its extensive work with all the components that make up the Brazilian handicraft production chain, Paiol seeks to be recognized as one of the main pillars supporting this production, helping it reach a wider audience. We also want to be seen by those who visit us as a reference of quality, diversity and knowledge in the universe of Brazilian popular culture.


Paiol’s core value can be summed up by the ideia of the so-called fair trade: a business behavior that, without losing sight of the commercial side of our business, is based on respect for our suppliers during the negotiations for the purchase of products, as well as our customers, through the choice of fair prices practiced in the store.



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